Our Story

Salt Creek Valley Farms is the vision of Jessica (Hund) Smith, her husband Brian and Jay Schwinn and his wife Patti. The farm is a fourth and fifth generation legacy farm that is still owned by Jessica's grandmother Elaine, Jay’s aunt. Jessica's Grandpa Johnny and Elaine farmed this property for many years until Johnny’s passing.  Now Jessica's dad Jack farms the majority of this beautiful 300 acres. Growing up in Salt Creek Valley, Jessica and Jay and their siblings and cousins played on the farm, climbing hay piles, getting lost in corn fields, watching the baby animals play, working on 4-H projects and even occasionally helping with farm chores. There were always fresh pastries made with love - always from scratch. 

Reminiscing one fall evening, Jessica and Jay talked about their experiences and the fact that a majority of kids today are more than two generations removed from the farm. The concept of a place to go without a smartphone or iPad to experience the simpler farm life was born. Our logo reflects this vision with country charm embracing and welcoming city kids to come experience the sights, smells, and flavors of our childhood. Our you-pick farm creates an atmosphere of fun and understanding of where our food comes from. Our barnyard fun farm allows children of all ages to play on hay piles, get lost in our corn maze, enjoy fresh baked goods (always made from scratch), watch baby animals play and occasionally help with chores feeding the animals. You’re always welcome at Salt Creek Valley Farms. ​